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Jan received her Master's Degree in Social Work from The University of Michigan and her certificate in specialist on aging from The Institute of Gerontology in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

For over twenty six years Jan has worked in medical and mental health settings as a licensed psychotherapist, marriage and family therapist, certified drug and alcohol addictions counselor, and as a consultant and specialist with the older population.

Jan provides counseling to children, adolescents, families, couples and adults in the area of anxiety, depression, stress management, marital and parenting issues, chronic illness, disability challenges, substance abuse, aging parent situations and a wide variety of other mental health and medical problems.

Jan addresses each client in a holistic manner to contribute to his or her wellness and well-being.  This is achieved through empowering each person to emphasize strengths, health, and wellness.  She believes that the environmental, physical, behavioral, psychological, social, and spiritual factors are all aspects of mental health, and must be addressed as a whole.


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