Craig Miller, MS, LMSW, ACSW - Administrative Director, Speaker, Therapist

Diane enjoys helping others to know their strengths and maximizing understanding and possibilities.  Diane assists to integrate the whole self, including physical, social, psychological and spiritual parts of our being.

She enjoys getting to know clients and what brings them to therapy with compassion, respect and dignity with a touch of humor. She uses insight and goal oriented therapy to identify and heal remnants of trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, social skills, fears, suffering, and self-image beliefs. Diane has 30 years experience with CBT, CPT, EFT and other healing therapies including 20 years experience with EMDR.

Diane received her MSW from The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She was the fourth hired personnel for Social work and Bereavement coordinator for the emerging Hospice of Lenawee in the 1980’s. Later she wore the interim hat of spiritual care while hiring that position. She is an expert in End of Life Care, grief and loss, caregiving, chronic illness and pain. 


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