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Michelle Hutchison, LMSW, CTP-E, SSW, QMHP - Therapist

Consultant, Therapist, and Trainer

Michelle is a licensed Child and Family Therapist specializing in Mental Health and Trauma.  She holds a Master in Social Work degree from Eastern Michigan University and undergraduate degree in Psychology. For the past 18 years Michelle has worked in the Mental Health field providing clinical services to children and families in coordination with community supports and educational systems.  Michelle’s training and work experience have positioned her to provide Cultural Shift Consulting as well as Resilience and Social Emotional Learning Consultation services within business, community, and public education systems at all levels of engagement.

She is a National Starr Global Network Trainer and Certified Trauma Clinician. She also enjoys her work as School of Social Work adjunct faculty.

Michelle enjoys training and speaking on Trauma, Resilience, and Social Emotional Learning. Additionally, she is passionate about empowering women to walk in their true identity and potential.

Michelle is passionate about developing the whole person through the science of Resilience thus impacting system change as well as community health and perspective.

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