Sandra Walczak

Diane VanLoocke LMSW, ACSW 


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​Rhonie Black, LMSW, ACSW


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Amy Kohler

Tisha Welter

Melanie St Bernard, PhD 
Clinical Psychologist
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Wesley Branton, LLMSW


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Craig Miller, LMSW ACSW
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Masterpeace Counseling
James Steyaert

Stephen May, LPC

Owner, Clinical Supervisor, Therapist

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Melanie St Bernard

Tom Branton, LMSW


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Sharon VanTuyle, LMSW, ACSW


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​​It is our pleasure to introduce the staff at MASTERPEACE Center for Counseling and Development. Each therapist has been trained in the mental health field and is licensed by the State of Michigan to provide confidential and the most qualified testing and counseling services. Each therapist adheres to the standards of practice and code of ethics set by the Council on Accreditation, this organization, and their own profession.

Our therapists utilize their abilities to combine the compassion and healing power of faith with the insight of traditional counseling. They are respectful of the beliefs (or non-beliefs), practices, and faith of each person receiving testing or counseling. Clients do not need to have faith or attend church to receive services at MASTERPEACE. We respect each person’s right to determine where they want to start the therapeutic process in order to reach their personal goal of growth and healing. ​

Our office staff

Sandra Walczak, LMSW


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James Steyaert

Meet our therapy staff