Wesley graduated from Eastern Michigan University with his Bachelor of Social Work (2019) and from Wayne State University with his Masters of Social Work (2022).  Wesley has his limited license in the State of Michigan as a Masters Social Worker.  His studies centered around using cognitive behavioral therapy with a person-centered approach in therapy for individuals experiencing grief, anxiety, and depression. During his education, Wesley worked with children individually and in groups facing multiple challenges such as, autism, emotional/behavioral/social impairments, ADHD, anxiety, depression, anger management, grief, trauma, parent separation, and self-esteem.  He continues to learn under experts in the field as part of earning his complete license.

Wesley believes that faith can be a central part of healing and uses his interest in Biblical Studies to inform his treatment of religious and spiritual questions.  A core part of his person-centered approach is to develop an uplifting therapeutic relationship through client-empowered goals, reflective listening, and unconditional positive regard.  He sees the client as the expert on their own life walks alongside the client and be a support system in organizing and clarifying their beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as they pursue their own goals.


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Wesley Branton, LLMSW - Therapist