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Craig Miller, MS, LMSW, ACSW - Administrative Director, Speaker, Therapist

Craig Miller, LMSW - Therapist

For over 42 years Craig has been ministering and counseling in church, medical, and mental health settings. He is a licensed Christian therapist and co-founder of Masterpeace Counseling in Tecumseh, MI.  Craig’s experience with his own miraculous physical healing deepened his passion to help people receive their own emotional or physical healing and relationship restoration through teaching, imparting, and ministering about the love and healing power of your faith.   He serves as the mental health co-coordinator of the Lenawee County Critical Stress Debriefing Management Team for first responders and hospital personnel.  And formally worked at Harper Hospital in Detroit, Michigan and as the Director of Social Work At Herrick Hospital In Tecumseh, Michigan.

Over the years Craig has learned the unique ability to successfully combine his faith and skills as a mental health practitioner to bring healing and restoration to the spirit, mind, and body. He will identify the root causes that block healing in order to bring restoration to challenging or long term (chronic) physical or emotional conditions and broken relationships.  Craig desires to work with each person, couple, and/or family to receive emotional and physical healing to bring restoration of your heart and relationship, renewal of your heart and revitalization of your faith.  

Craig has a Masters degree in Social Work from Michigan State University (1980), specializing in children, family, and couples.  Masters degree in Health Services Administration from the University of Detroit (1985).  He has been honored with multiple listings in Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals, Who’s Who Among Human Services Professionals, and International Who’s Who of Professionals.  

Craig continues his passion for helping people as a former syndicated radio talk show host, TV appearances, healing conference, personal or church healing ministry weekends, and through his many books, DVD, CD, numerous articles, and copyrighted material.  
Go to, www.insightsfromtheheart.comfor more information. or opportunities  for  purchasing resources, speaking engagements, and healing ministry outside  of  the Michigan, USA area.

He has extensive experience with the treatment of depression, anxiety, panic disorders, difficulty expressing feelings, stress disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, addictions, sexual issues, marital issues, parent/child/teen issues, eating disorders, substance abuse, trauma from the past, loss issues, abuse issues, church/religious conflict and abuse and many more areas too many to mention.  You are recommended to call the office at 517-423-6889 if you have specific questions or would like to set up an appointment.