Tom is a graduate of the University of Michigan, with a BA in Philosophy (1983) and a Masters of Social Work (1988).  He majored in Interpersonal Practice with Children, Family, and Youth.  Tom is fully licensed in the State of Michigan as a Master's Social Worker (Clinical and Macro).  During 29 years as a school social worker, Tom gained experience working with parents and students with multiple disabilities and issues (autism, emotional/behavioral/social impairments, ADHD, anxiety, depression, anger management, grief, trauma, divorce, self-esteem, etc.).  Tom has also been a professor of social work at Concordia University.

Tom has been a follower of Christ for over four decades and views counseling as a ministry, as well as a profession.  He integrates his faith in the use of various therapeutic techniques (Interpersonal, Psycho-dynamic/Insight, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Schema).  Tom uses a client centered approach and seeks to develop a trusting relationship and communicate value to his clients.  His goal is to learn his client's story and to journey with them to explore their hopes and dreams for the future.  Tom sees his role as making himself available to the client, to examine issues and assist with problem solving as clients move toward their goals.


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Tom Branton, LMSW - Therapist